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Kaufen Sie die größte Online-Auswahl an von Vögeln inspiriertem Schmuck wie Vogelketten, Vogelohrringen, Vogelringen und Vogelzubehör. Jeder unserer Vogelschmuckstücke ist handgefertigt und schützt Tiere und gefährdete Kinder.

Kaufen Sie Birds Jewelry online und helfen Sie, die Vögel zu retten!

Wir spenden 10% unseres Jahresgewinns an Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die Kindern und Tieren helfen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Charity-Seite . Bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Sache, indem Sie entweder einen Vogelschmuck kaufen oder auf den Spenden-Button unten klicken.

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The unique cats jewelry or lion jewelry is what is needed to emphasize female beauty, grace and uniqueness. Wild and domestic, black and white cats are all beautiful and inspire us with their strong appearances and independent characters. Our variety of cats and lions jewelry allows you to choose suitable accessories for every day or for a special occasion. Our products are done manually in the Philippines, and designed in Switzerland. By purchasing jewelry in Styletorista, you support animals at risk and children in need.


If you want to acquire something exclusive, graceful and elegant, then decorations in cat style - just what you need. Not only because the products are made manually, but also have a really low price. Here are some more reasons to supplement your look with amazing jewelry in a cat style:

1. Look good by wearing our cat or lions jewelry for every occasion.

It may be one of the oldest forms of human adornment, but the humble jewelry has evolved. From simple hoops to statement climbers and mix and match studs, as Style Tourista explains "the modern way to stay fashionable is to ornament yourself with fabulous jewelry: wear your earrings during the day to shine in a Zoom meeting, instagram your selfies with a cool new bird necklaces, wear a cat bracelet charity cause around your arm or glam it up in the evening with a big statement cat ring.

2. 10% of profits from the sales of cat or lions jewelry helps lions at risk.

Style Tourista donates 10% of yearly profits to charities that help children and animals. The percentage of cats and lions jewelry sales will reflect on the portion donated and will specifically go to a selected cats foundation. To know more, view our Charity Page. You may support our cause by either purchasing a cat jewelry or by clicking the donate button below.

3. The largest cats and lions jewelry selection in the world.

At Style Tourista, we strive to offer you the largest varieties of all different types of cats and lions jewelry available. With over 500+ unique cat styles, we carry the largest selection of any online jewelry shop in the world. If you do not find your fashion piece here, you won’t find it anywhere else.

4. Fast and free 1-5 days delivery in the USA and in Switzerland.

We know the excitement of waiting on your new ice piece, that’s why all of our orders will be delivered free of charge with USPS First Class Mail only in the US / via Swiss Post in Switzerland. This means, it literally only takes 1-5 days till your jewelry arrives at your doorstep. All of our jewelry pieces are discretely and fragile proof packaged and shipped.

5. Cheapest prices on cat earrings.

If you shop at Style Tourista, you never have to worry about over-priced jewelry. We always offer certain cat jewelry for as low as $9.95. Also, check back for weekly promotions that let you save even more. In addition, we make sure that our prices are always the lowest compared to industry standards.

6. Secure and safe payment.

You can conveniently pay your ice bong over VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. All of your data is protected and should you be unhappy with your cats and lions earrings, you can always return it back within 10 days free of charge.


There are many different types of jewelry for cat lovers around across the globe, but you may find an array of varieties within Style Tourista.

1. Cats and Lions Earrings

Our cat earrings ranges from cat stud earrings, to brown cat earrings, to cat skull earrings, cat cage earrings and more. 

2. Cats and Lions Necklaces

Our cat and lion necklaces range from gold lion necklaces, to cat copper necklaces, to love cat necklaces and more.


3. Cats and Lions Rings

Our cat rings range from cat round rings, to lion safari rings, to golden ring lions and more. 


4. Cats and Lions Bracelets

Our cat bracelets range from cat stone bracelets, to cat charms bracelets and more.


There are many different types of  beautiful cats in this world, from a familiar domestic cat in the streets of London and Paris,  to other more exotic and wild kinds walking across forests and prairies in the ends of this world. Many cats species around the world are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, fisheries by catch, the illegal wildlife trade and a host of other threats.


1. Asiatic Cheetah Jewelry

This magnificent cat was the most beautiful wild cat on the expanses of the Middle East, Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Southeast of India.

Currently, due to the destruction of their habitat, poaching and non-harmonious hunting over the entire planet, approximately 70-110 individuals of Asiatic cheetah living in wildlife remained. All of them live in the arid conditions of the Central Plateau Iran.

2. Snow leopard Jewelry

Detected in the Rocky Mountains of Central Asia, snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the cold conditions of the desert landscapes of their habitat. Unfortunately, the chic fur Irbis attracts a huge number of hunters. For this reason, only 4000-6500 of these beautiful cats remained in the world.


3. Kalimantan Cat Jewelry

Also known as Boreneos Cat, this animal can only be found on Borneo Island. This extremely rare representative of the feline family is listed by the International Union on the Protection of Nature in the Red Book.

4. Sumatran Tiger Jewelry

This cat with a slender body and unusual (slightly flattered) shape of the head loves fish and walks by itself on the expanses of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sumatra. It has been listed in the Red Book since 2008 due to the destruction of the habitat. The current number of lives living on the planet is estimated for less than 2500.


5. Anda Cat Jewelry

Among two dozen small species of wild cats that exist in the world, one of the rarest, information about which is pretty scarce, is an animal called the Anda Cat. Alas, for the preservation of populations of her larger relatives from a feline family, millions of dollars stand out, to support such small cats from the budgets of protective organizations, hardly thousands remain.

6. The Iberian Lynx Jewelry

Pyrenean or Iberian Lynx is considered to be the most susceptible to the species of wild cats. Also this species at the moment is one of the rarest mammals on the planet.

7. Pallas's Cat Jewelry

These handsome people prefer to spend the morning clock in the caves, crevices and even holes, going to hunt only after noon. Due to the depletion of their habitat, reducing the reserves of the feed base and the incessant hunting in 2002, this species was threatened.

8. Long-tailed Cat (Margie) Jewelry

Margii are created as perfect tree climbers. Only these cats have the ability to turn their hind limbs to 180 °, which allows them to run around the trees down their heads, like the squirrels. Margai can even hang out from the branch, clinging for her only one paw. Every year, the sake of the skins, people kill about 14,000 individuals of the cat. This trend of extermination is fatal for Margayev, because to bring offspring they take two years, while the risk of mortality of kittens is 50%.

9. Serval (Shrub Cat) Jewelry

These cats love to wander around the African savanna. Server is the owner of the longest paw in relation to the body in comparison with any other representative of the feline. Unfortunately, in pursuit of their elegant skin, the hunters are using a lot of bullets and traps, offering the tourists the Servala’s fur, issued for leopard or chepays.

10. African Golden Cat Jewelry

Only relatively recently, people managed to get photos of this rare night inhabitant in his native places. The Golden Cat is only twice the size of a domestic cat. Life expectancy in vivo in individuals of this species is not established, but it is known that in captivity they can live to 12 years.


Many cat species around the world are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, fisheries by catch, the illegal wildlife trade and a host of other threats. Donations to the WWF foundation contributes to cat projects in over 100 offices around the world, working to address the many issues that threaten cat species. 


These efforts include increasing the amount of protected areas to limit habitat loss, seeking strong international laws that reduce the illegal cat trade, and constantly working to build awareness about the incredible diversity of cat species and the importance of protecting them. Some WWF projects that focus on cat conservation:

  • Conservation of Big Cats in the Russian Federation

  • Project C.A.T., a Discovery/WWF partnership

  • Strengthening Conservation and Resilience of Globally-significant Wild Cat Landscapes in India

  • WWF Germany's Asian Big Cat Conservation