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Kaufen Sie die größte Online-Auswahl an von Vögeln inspiriertem Schmuck wie Vogelketten, Vogelohrringen, Vogelringen und Vogelzubehör. Jeder unserer Vogelschmuckstücke ist handgefertigt und schützt Tiere und gefährdete Kinder.

Kaufen Sie Birds Jewelry online und helfen Sie, die Vögel zu retten!

Wir spenden 10% unseres Jahresgewinns an Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die Kindern und Tieren helfen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Charity-Seite . Bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Sache, indem Sie entweder einen Vogelschmuck kaufen oder auf den Spenden-Button unten klicken.

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Earrings: You can choose small butterfly stud earrings for an everday look and astonishing butterfly skull earrings for the night.

Rings: We offer everything that you need, from unique engagement butterfly rings to amazing desings with butterfly skull and luxurious gold pieces.

Necklaces: You'll definitely adore our butterfly cage necklaces, love monarch butterflies necklaces, and deluxe golden butterfly jewerly.

Bracelets: bracelets with butterfly-shaped stones, charm bracelets will look perfect both with casual clothes and evening dresses.

Take a look at our huge collection of jewelry, find your unique design and make a change!



We provide the best butterfly jewelry collection with a big variety of amazing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Our store offers its customers the best prices and free shipping. Let’s see what you can get while shopping with us.

1. Look good by wearing our butterfly jewelry for every occasion.

It’s doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter what you are up to right now. Beautiful jewelry can be with you anywhere. It will not only change your look but also will make you feel more confident. You can wear some cute little butterfly earrings for work and in the evening change to astonishing big ones. Our gold butterfly rings and necklaces will look perfect with cocktail dresses. It’s time to shine so choose only the best designs!

2. 10% of profits from the sales of bird jewelry helps butterflies at risk.

Together we save the world and preserve its beauty: 10% of profits goes to the charity. Not only are we producing beauty, but also try to preserve what nature has given us. The more butterfly jewelry* pieces are sold, the more money we can donate to the selected butterfly foundation. 10% of yearly profits goes to the foundations that help children and animals. You can make your own step by purchasing jewelry from our store.

3. The largest butterfly jewelry selection in the world.

We offer the largest collection of butterfly jewelry. Our store produces the most stylish bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Here you can choose from more than 500 limited pieces with a unique design. You’ll definitely find everything you need. 

4. Fast and free 1-5 days delivery in the USA and in Switzerland.

Waiting can be torturous, especially when it comes to the new butterfly jewelry. That’s why we strive to make the shipping of our products as fast as possible. We use the best services such as USPS First Class Mail (for the USA) and Swiss Post (in Switzerland). You’ll get your purchase in 1-5 days. Our pieces are fragile proof packaged to guarantee safe shipping.

5. Cheapest prices on butterfly earrings.

We are making our pieces affordable for everyone. In our store, you can find beautiful accessories starting from S9.95. And that’s not all! We’re making promotions every week so you can buy beautiful butterfly jewelry for an even lower price.

6. Secure and safe payment.

Your payment is safe with us. You can use VISA, Mastercard, or PayPal to pay for your jewelry. Your data is fully protected. If you don’t like the jewelry you can return it within 10 days without a charge fee.


1. Monarch Butterfly Jewelry

You can see Monarch Butterflies almost everywhere in the USA. The unique patterns on their wings and ideal mix of orange and black are making them the true kings of the butterfly world. They are a symbol of transformation. In our shop, you can find many pieces inspired by these beautiful creatures. Shop in our store and make your contribution to helping the butterflies at risk!

2. Blue Morpho Butterfly Jewelry

Blue Morphos are considered one of the largest butterflies in the world. You can see them in the tropical forests of Latin America. The beauty of this creature is striking. It has big bright blue wings edged with black. The populations of these butterflies are seriously endangered now due to the deforestation of the tropical forests. Also, the unique beauty of these butterflies attracts many collectors who capture and display them. But not only human actions are a threat to Morphos. Some tropical birds are natural predators of these blue creatures. That’s why some specific actions are needed in order to protect them. In our store you can find unique Blue Morphos Butterfly Jewelry. Part of the profit goes to charities that help to prevent the extinction of the butterflies at Risk.

3. Doris Longwing butterfly Jewelry

Doris Longwing is common for Mexico and Bolivia. Usually, they prefer to live near rivers. The wings of this butterfly have a very interesting shape. They can appear in different colors such as orange, blue, or red, but the background is always black. The the unusual beauty of the creature inspires many jewelry designers. In our store, you can shop for the stylish Doris Longwing butterfly Jewelry and help the insects that face extinction.

4. Owl Butterfly Jewelry

These mysterious creatures will definitely catch your eye. You can see them almost on every continent (obviously, except Antarctica). These butterflies have very strong senses that help them to hunt. No wonder they became the symbol of intelligence and true wisdom. But their unique abilities are putting them in serious danger. They’re wildly used for some black magic rituals in India, despite the protection under the Wildlife Act
which prohibits trapping and trading of these creatures. We help to raise awareness about these endangered butterflies. Shop in our store and have your contribution in preventing the extinction of these butterflies.

5. Atlas Mouth Butterfly

Atlas Mouth is a very large butterfly. No joke, its wingspan can reach 27 centimeters! But not only the size of this insect is impressive. The unique patterns on its wings look like a paper map. In our online store you can shop for some beautiful Atlas Mouth jewelry. 10% of the profit from every purchase goes to the foundations that raise awareness about the butterflies at risk.

6. Emerald Swallowtail Jewelry

Emerald Swallowtail is a unique butterfly known for its bright wings. They immediately draw attention because of their rare green color. The butterfly can be seen only in Southeast Asia. This insect prefers to live in forest areas and mostly feeds on citruses. That makes it potentially invasive for citrus production, but, anyway, it’s awesome coloration makes him very- popular among collectors all over the world. In our shop you
can find many interesting pieces that are inspired by the color and shape of this creature. Remember that part of the profit goes to the organizations that help to prevent the extinction of the butterflies at risk.


7. Apollo butterfly Jewelry

Apollo is one of the largest butterflies in the world. Mostly they prefer to live in the mountains. The subspecies of this creature can be found all over the world. They are known for their bright white wings and body. Due to the large variety of subspecies, it catches the attention of many collectors. In our store, you can shop for some designs inspired by these creatures. Part of the profit goes to charities that help to prevent the extinction of rare butterflies.

8. Amber Phantom Jewelry

Amber Phantom is one of the most mysterious butterflies. The scientists still haven’t fully research their lifestyle. It comprises of 2 species. Macleannia has red in hindwings while piera has amber color. Mostly it can be seen in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica and Venezuela. In our store you can find many pieces designed in the shape of that unique butterflies. 10% of the profits are going to the foundations that aim to prevent the extinction of the rare species.

9. Ceylon Rose Butterfly Jewelry

The Ceylon Rose Butterfly has a unique shape and patterns on its wings. This creature lives in the south-west of Sri Lanka. It mostly prefers to live in the rain forests which are highly endangered in that area. Although nowadays the forests in Sri Lanka are declared UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, the exploitation process doesn’t stop. The area of virgin forest gets smaller every year. That’s a very serious threat for the Ceylon Rose Butterfly. Urgent measures are needed in order to protect these species. Help us to save these beauties! Buy the Ceylon Rose Butterfly Jewelry from our store and we’ll send 10% of the profit to the foundations that help to raise awareness about this matter.


There are more than 17,500 species of butterflies. You can see Buckeye or Monarch almost every day in your garden or nearby park. But there are some exotic ones in far-away lands who are suffering due to climate change and human-caused environmental problems. Shop with us and help to save the true beauty of our planet!

Environmental changes are a threat to many butterflies. Some species are seriously endangered. WWF foundation helps more than 100 projects all over the world that aim to protect the butterflies. Here are the main efforts they make:


  • Increasing of the protected areas. This step helps to prevent habitat loss.

  • Demanding more strict international laws which help to reduce not legal butterfly trade.

  • Raising awareness about different species of butterflies and the importance of protecting them through specific events, articles, etc.


You can make your contribution too by purchasing butterfly jewelry from our store.

Let’s make the change together!