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Kaufen Sie die größte Online-Auswahl an von Vögeln inspiriertem Schmuck wie Vogelketten, Vogelohrringen, Vogelringen und Vogelzubehör. Jeder unserer Vogelschmuckstücke ist handgefertigt und schützt Tiere und gefährdete Kinder.

Kaufen Sie Birds Jewelry online und helfen Sie, die Vögel zu retten!

Wir spenden 10% unseres Jahresgewinns an Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die Kindern und Tieren helfen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Charity-Seite . Bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Sache, indem Sie entweder einen Vogelschmuck kaufen oder auf den Spenden-Button unten klicken.

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Our panda jewelry are unique, mostly hand-made and supports philanthropy. Our panda earrings ranges from panda stud earrings, to orange panda earrings, to panda skull earrings, panda cage earrings and more. Our panda bracelets ranges from panda stone bracelets, to panda charms bracelet and more. Our panda necklaces ranges from gold panda necklaces, to panda cage necklaces, to love panda necklaces and more. Our panda rings ranges from panda engagement ring, to panda skull rings, to golden ring panda and more. We offer beautiful and intricately made panda jewelry to emphasise a statement look and at the same time show your commitment to make a difference in this world. Our huge variety of panda jewelry are for consumers who are environmental conscious and philanthropic minded. Most of the products here are limited as it's uniquely designed by us in Switzerland and produced by our extended family in a province we support in the Philippines.


If you are looking to buy your very first unique panda jewelry, you came to the right online shop. Not only do we offer free shipping, but we also carry the largest panda jewelry selection, at the cheapest price possible. Here is an overview of your advantages with Style Tourista:


1. Look good by wearing our panda jewelry for every occasion.

It may be one of the oldest forms of human adornment, but the humble jewelry has evolved. From simple hoops to statement climbers and mix and match studs, as Style Tourista explains "the modern way to stay fashionable is to ornament yourself with fabulous jewelry: wear your earrings during the day to shine in a Zoom meeting, instagram your selfies with a cool new bird necklaces, wear a bird bracelet charity cause around your arm or glam it up in the evening with a big statement panda ring."

2. 10% of profits from the sales of panda jewelry helps pandas at risk.

Style Tourista donates 10% of yearly profits to charities that help children and animals. The percentage of panda jewelry sales will reflect on the portion donated and will specifically go to a selected panda foundation. To know more, view our Charity Page. You may support our cause by either purchasing a panda jewelry or by clicking the donate button below.

3. The largest panda jewelry selection in the world.

At Style Tourista, we strive to offer you the largest varieties of all different types of panda jewelry available. With over 500+ unique panda styles, we carry the largest selection of any online jewelry shop in the world. If you do not find your fashion piece here, you won’t find it anywhere else.

4. Fast and free 1-5 days delivery in the USA and in Switzerland.

We know the excitement of waiting on your new ice piece, that’s why all of our orders will be delivered free of charge with USPS First Class Mail only in the US / via Swiss Post in Switzerland. This means, it literally only takes 1-5 days till your jewelry arrives at your doorstep. All of our jewelry pieces are discretely and fragile proof packaged and shipped.

5. Cheapest prices on panda earrings.

If you shop at Style Tourista, you never have to worry about over-priced jewelry. We always offer certain panda jewelry for as low as $9.95. Also, check back for weekly promotions that let you save even more. In addition, we make sure that our prices are always the lowest compared to industry standards.

6. Secure and safe payment.

You can conveniently pay your ice bong over VISA, MasterCard or PayPal. All of your data is protected and should you be unhappy with your bird earrings, you can always return it back within 10 days free of charge.


Panda jewelry have become symbols for strength, peace and friendship because panda's have a gentle temperament and are know to not be aggressive. There are only 2 types of Panda jewelries of which the main jewelry we sell here in Style tourist is the giant panda bear jewelry. But our jewelry comes in colors such as the red panda jewelry, the purple panda jewelry and more...


1. Panda Earrings

We have a range of panda earrings such as the panda bear stud earrings, the panda clip on earrings, sterling silver panda earrings, panda pearl earrings and other cute panda earrings.

2. Panda Necklaces

Looking for panda BFF necklaces? We'll you've come to the right page! We also sell cute simple panda necklaces, golden panda necklaces and more!

3. Panda Rings

We have several panda rings from the 90s and golden panda bear rings. We even have kung fu panda cupcake rings!

4. Panda Bracelets

We have divinity bracelets panda and those trendy 4 color panda friendship bracelets in our shop.


Unlike the other animal jewelry pieces that we have, Pandas just have 2 different kinds: the red pandas and the giant pandas.


1. Giant Panda Jewelry

The giant pandas, also known as the panda bear, are usually found in the mountain areas of China. It is actually China's natural treasure. This is the most known type of Panda and are mainly seen in our panda jewelry assortment.

2. Red Panda Jewelry

The red pandas are also know as lesser pandas and they actually look more like raccoons. They are reddish bron in color and are usually found in either Tibet, China, India, Burma and also Nepal.


 The giant panda is probably the world's most strongest symbol when it comes to species conservation. There are about 1,000 giant pandas left in this worlds and about 100 pandas are captured and kept in zoos. The giant panda has been the symbol of WWF since its formation in 1961. Good news is that the numbers of giant pandas are slowly increasing. Though, it still remains as one of the rarest and most endangered bears in the world.

WWF has been active in giant panda conservation since 1980. Together with the Chinese government, they continue and are committed to protect the species to feed and breed. This is why we are happy to donate to WWF what we can.