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Visualisation & You Life Coaching

Visualisation & You Life Coaching

I need help with finding my ideal self, what I want and how to do it.

  • 2 Stunden 30 Minuten
  • 120 Swiss francs
  • Design Studio


Feeling lost? In search of guidance? Interested in delving deeper into yourself and your surroundings through the potent tool of visualization? We provide a unique private one-on-one coaching experience, harnessing the power of visualization and creativity to assist you in navigating your journey. Book your 2-hour coaching class with Mimi Ciccone, a certified Art Life Coach, here for a self-development session using unique strategic tools developed by me over almost a decade to help you recenter yourself in life. And you can't start self-discovery with an empty stomach! Rest assured, you'll find brunch and mimosas included in the class duration, all covered by the price. Here's the itinerary: • 11:00 Quick meet & greet (take your croissants & mimosas) • 11.20 Introduction to the importance of Visualisation and how it can be applied best in your world and this life coaching class. Followed by a Q&A session. • 12.00 Visualisation and YOU part 1: Satisfaction & Happiness • 12.30 Visualisation and YOU part 2: The power of Visualisation • 13.00 Finalisation & feedback • 13.30 Course is strictly done. If you feel that this has helped you, regular sessions can be maintained either in our group classes that occur every month or you may book private coaching with me online on this website. I am looking forward to coaching/mentoring you.

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  • Zunstrasse 12a, Opfikon, Switzerland